Texas Attorneys Share Hispanic Heritage Histories & Impact on Legal Careers

As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, three Texas attorneys with Hispanic backgrounds shared experiences that impacted their lives and their legal careers. The Texas Lawbook featured “Three Lawyers & their Hispanic Heritage: Why Diversity Matters” – a special section dedicated to the narratives of these attorneys in their own words.

Jackson Walker’s Chris Mugica:

I have been humbled over the years when people have termed my life as a real “Horatio Alger” story, having pulled myself up by the bootstraps to become the person I am today. But the reality is that has been a much more nuanced story. One that never would have been possible without the lessons my grandfather taught me about the responsibility we have to embrace the opportunities we have been given and then ensuring we help others reach their fullest potential.

Rose Walker’s Nina Valdez:

The pride I feel for my Mexican-American heritage comes straight from my father. Growing up, he instilled in me and in my sister the importance of education because of the challenges he experienced as a migrant worker in south Texas. I still remember his stories of the discrimination he faced growing up – from eating in the back of restaurants to being severely reprimanded in school for speaking Spanish. It saddens me to know that he and many others experienced discrimination based on their race. My father’s struggles drove me to become an attorney. I was motivated to be in a position where I could argue for justice – for what is right.

Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst’s Andrés Correa: 

As a litigator, I have learned that no story is without its nuance. I firmly believe that, as an immigrant and a minority, I have to be better than my majority counterparts in order to be considered their equal. But those same majority counterparts have welcomed me into their fold. They have not just allowed me to shine, they have shared the tools to succeed. As minorities in the corporate world, we must walk a fine line. I cannot forget where I came from or look away from the injustices facing those who look and sound like me. I must also give my all to my clients, who come to the firm for solutions. I also have an obligation to help my business grow.


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