Severely Burned Texas Truck Driver Sues Over Liquid Asphalt Explosion

A Texas truck driver who suffered third-degree burns over 90 percent of his body in a liquid asphalt explosion has filed a negligence and injury lawsuit against the owners and operators of the Shreveport, Louisiana-based facility where the incident occurred. According to court documents filed in Dallas County District Court, Darrell Allen, 59, of Denison, Texas, was assigned to pick up and haul a load of asphalt from the Calumet Shreveport refinery on April 23, 2015. An estimated 3,000 pounds of the scalding hot asphalt needed to be pumped out of Mr. Allen’s truck after it was overfilled. He was asked to help with the pumping process even though he had no related training or experience for that task. The lawsuit alleges that the suction hose used by the plant’s workers to remove the asphalt had not been properly cleaned, leading to a catastrophic explosion that threw Mr. Allen from the top of the tanker truck and covered him in 350-degree liquid asphalt. Mr. Allen was hospitalized for more than three months in the burn unit at University Health Shreveport Hospital, where he underwent painful treatments each day to remove dead or damaged skin. As a result of his severe injuries, he remains in constant pain with persistent itching and no sweat glands to properly regulate his body temperature. Darrell’s doctor has treated burn victims for 30 years, and he says he has never seen anyone burned this badly who survived, says attorney Charla Aldous of Dallas’ Aldous\Walker, who represents Mr. Allen and his family. Darrell has already suffered tremendously, and he still faces a lifetime of pain, impairment and ongoing surgeries because of this company’s negligence.

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