President Trump’s Latest Nomination to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Shows Interesting Trend

Dallas appellate attorney and specialist David Coale of Lynn, Pinker, Cox & Hurst LLP says President Trump is on track to nominate more full-time judges to the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals than any other president.

Mr. Trump recently announced the nomination of Andrew Oldham as his third pick from Texas, after previously nominating to the 5th Circuit Don Willett, a Texas Supreme Court justice, and Jim Ho, a former Texas Solicitor General. Mr. Oldham is currently general counsel to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and a former deputy state solicitor general.

Mr. Coale says if Mr. Oldham is confirmed, along with two other pending nominations, Mr. Trump will have named one-third of the full-time judges after just over one year in his office. The New Orleans-based court, which hears appeals from federal trial courts in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, also has several senior judges who participate at different levels of activity.

With the nomination of Andrew Oldham, President Trump is on track to become the number-one appointer of active judges on the 5th Circuit, he said. After one year, that is pretty remarkable, and more nominations are entirely possible as his term continues. This could mean even more of a Republican influence on the bench for this traditionally conservative court.

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