Oscar-Nominated ‘Marriage Story’: A Pessimistic or Positive View of Family Law Attorneys?

Will ‘Marriage Story’ join previous Best Picture winners for its portrayal of the demise of Charlie and Nicole’s marriage? Viewers will find out this Sunday during the 92nd Academy Awards presentation. Regardless of whether it takes home an Oscar, the movie has already spurred discussions about its portrayal of divorce and the role of family law attorneys.

Holly Rampy Baird and Paula Bennett, partners at the family law boutique Orsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson, agree that any divorce will be stressful for those involved, and it is natural for attorneys to receive pushback depending on the outcome of the divorce. But it is important to remember that the client-attorney relationship should be one of trust and empathy. Both should come up with solutions that are best for those involved.

“I’ve seen emotions run high when couples are looking to end their marriage as you see in the film. But I think one thing that we all need to understand is that every situation is different and unique to itself,” said Ms. Bennett. “It’s important to find an attorney that fits your needs and that you can trust.”

Ms. Baird said attorneys may encourage clients to seek additional professional guidance to work through emotions, especially when children are involved.

“Parents should strongly consider individual therapy for themselves and for each child,” Ms. Baird said. “I look at it holistically. What will it take to help move my client forward, to get them to where they want to be?”

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