Not a Postcard, but Close: Jackson Walker Lawyers Squeeze Tax Law Options onto One Page

The new U.S. tax law may not mean a postcard-sized tax return next year. But tax lawyers at Jackson Walker LLP have reduced the details to a one-page interactive graphic to help businesses, individuals and their accountants sort out the new law’s complexities.

Dallas tax lawyer William “Willie” Hornberger and a team of attorneys studied an array of situations and options to provide guidance on the kinds of adjustments companies and certain individuals may want to make this year as they look ahead to 2019 under the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

What will the law mean for partners in my LLC? How should I handle depreciation of equipment? What expenses can I write off? These are some of the questions we address, said Mr. Hornberger, who advises corporations and partnerships. Our audience is businesses, investors, individuals in partnerships, CPAs and lawyers.

The one-page interactive graphic is linked to a 233-page PowerPoint presentation for the webcast  2018 Tax Reform: What You Need to Know Now. Presented by Mr. Hornberger and Jason B. Freeman of Freeman Law, it can be viewed here:

This law has many complexities, and we will be taking deeper and deeper dives into it to advise our clients, Mr. Hornberger said.  It will save many of our clients money, but it isn’t always simple to figure out.

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