Nina Pham’s Attorney Says Texas Health Resources Withholding Cause of Ebola Infection

Attorneys at Aldous\Walker who represent Ebola survivor Nina Pham are calling out Texas Health Resources (THR) for going back on its promises and refusing to release information outlining how Pham contracted the disease while working as a nurse in the intensive care unit at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas. Pham treated Thomas Eric Duncan, who later died of Ebola complications at the hospital. In a new court filing asking for the release of THR’s root-cause analysis report, Pham’s attorney Charla Aldous says, THR repeatedly told the press, community and even Congress under oath that it is committed to transparency about how Nina contracted Ebola so that our health system can learn from it. THR’s position in this case shows that those claims of transparency were all lies. The motion to compel filed with the court states: Nina is pursuing this lawsuit to get to the truth, and her efforts of discovering that truth are being prevented by THR’s false claim of privilege. The court should order them to do so. According to Ms. Aldous the claim of privilege is the latest in an ongoing series of legal strategies by THR during the past 15 months to delay or deny the release of information, or attempt to curtail the litigation. Ms. Aldous recently conducted an interview with The Dallas Morning News, whose editorial board has previously urged THR to be transparent in its release of information. “THR seems to be less interested in protecting lives, and more interested in protecting themselves, Ms. Aldous says. The online article includes video from the deposition of THR chief medical officer Daniel Varga, who claims the organization’s findings are privileged under state law.

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