Negligence Lawsuit Filed Following Elevator Tragedy

A negligence lawsuit filed on behalf of a Fort Worth nurse who suffered severe injuries in an elevator failure charges that Thyssenkrupp Elevator Co. failed to perform routine maintenance which resulted in the incident.

Nurse Carren Stratford suffered serious injuries when an elevator at JPS Hospital failed in January 2019, causing her to become trapped in the door and crushed as the elevator rose. An investigation found no visible signs that the elevator had been lubricated as required by a maintenance agreement between Thyssenkrupp and JPS Health Network. Ms. Stratford suffered a head injury and remains in rehabilitation care.

“This is a tragedy in every sense because these horrible injuries were 100 percent preventable,” said attorney Frank Branson of The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson. “Had Thyssenkrupp simply performed the routine maintenance work as promised, Ms. Stratford would be caring for her family and serving the community at JPS Hospital like she was before this terrible event.”

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