Manufacturers, Operators of Inflatable Bounce Houses Liable in Accidents

On Sunday, an inflatable trampoline went airborne at an annual corn maze festival in upstate New York with several children inside. A gust of wind caused the bounce house to fly 50 feet into the air, striking a woman and dragging her nearly 20 feet. She was treated at a hospital for non-life threatening injuries; the children escaped with minor injuries. Authorities are investigating whether the inflatable trampoline was secure at the time of the accident.

Dallas attorney Hunter Polvi of the trial law firm Sayles Werbner says that when it comes to these accidents, the manufacturer and the operator have a responsibility to make sure the equipment is secure.

The manufacturer has a duty to provide instructions about how to properly secure these inflatable trampolines. The operator has a duty to comply with these instructions. When either of these is not done, people get hurt. In this case, it appears the inflatable trampoline should have been shut down and deflated before the winds became so severe.


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