Legacies of MLK, RFK to be Celebrated at April 4 Lecture

The intertwined legacies of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy will be the focus of the Center for American and International Law’s (CAIL) annual Higginbotham Lecture, which will take place at a luncheon at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Dallas on Wednesday, April 4, the 50-year anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination. The program, entitled The Lives and Deaths of MLK and RFK: A Remembrance of Their Impact After Fifty Years, will be in the format of an onstage interview. The program will feature CNN presidential historian and bestselling author Douglas Brinkley, who will be questioned by Dallas lawyer and historian Talmage Boston, a partner at Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton, LLP, CAIL’s 2018 Higginbotham Lecture Chair.

The losses of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy back-to-back within a two-month period a half century ago changed the course of American history. They were among our most important leaders in both the Civil Rights Movement and the effort to end America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. Having these giants murdered in such rapid succession was almost too difficult for the country to process. It takes several decades to assess the impact of King’s and Kennedy’s losing their lives at such a young age, and it takes a first-rate historian to answer the question ‘What might have been?’” says Mr. Boston. “I can think of no one better than Douglas Brinkley to help us understand the tragically unrealized promise as well as the ultimate legacies of these two game-changing figures.

In addition to the moderated conversation, former Exxon Mobil Corporation General Counsel Charles W. Matthews will receive CAIL’s most significant honor, the Award for Achievement in the Pursuit of Justice for All.
CAIL is a nonprofit institution dedicated to improving the quality of justice through the education of lawyers and law enforcement officials in the United States and throughout the world. Founded in 1947 by Robert Storey, Dean of the SMU School of Law, CAIL was a pioneer in continuing education. Today, CAIL counts tens of thousands of lawyers and law enforcement officers from all 50 states and 130 countries as its program participants. CAIL accomplishes its work through its five educational institutes, special programming, and activities.

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