Lawyer Says Petition Could Work, But Probably Won’t petition encouraging electors in the Electoral College to switch their votes from President-elect Donald Trump to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is making the rounds of the internet and gaining supporters by the minute. But ultimately, appellate lawyer Chad Ruback in Dallas doubts it will bring about a different result.

If a significant number of electors from states won by Trump chose to disregard the outcome in their states and instead cast their Electoral College votes for Hillary Clinton, she could win the election. It would not be unprecedented for electors to do that even though taking that action is a misdemeanor in 29 states. In fact, in the history of the Electoral College, 157 electors have voted for a different candidate than the one who won. If the two candidates were separated by only a few Electoral College votes, the prospect of a handful of electors reneging on their commitments might worry the Trump campaign.  However, because so many Electoral College votes separate Trump from Clinton, a few rogue electors would not be enough to affect  the outcome of the election.

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