Irving Parking Garage Collapse: What Car Owners with Damaged Vehicles Should Consider

Authorities say car owners with vehicles inside the collapsed parking garage in Irving won’t get to them for several days. No one was hurt, but more than 20 cars have been damaged.

When it comes to repairing their cars, Dallas attorney Micah Dortch of the Potts Law Firm says owners should consider going through their car insurance carriers first.

“Individuals should turn in a claim to their own carrier which should be faster than dealing with the building’s insurer,” says Mr. Dortch. “A finger-pointing match is very likely, which is why personal carriers are the best places for the individuals to turn. Then those insurance carriers can go after the general contractor or others responsible for the facility.

“The facility’s general liability insurance should cover any claims and then I expect they would subrogate to the builders of the garage similar to what has happened with the Allen and McKinney football stadiums.”

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