How to Keep Your Office Lottery Pool Out of Hot Water

Office co-workers and other groups may be tempted to pool their resources to boost their chances of winning all or a part of the more than $2 billion in the current combined Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots. But there are some key steps to take in avoiding disagreements should Lady Luck smile on your group.

“You need to get everything in writing,” says Dallas trial lawyer Rogge Dunn of Rogge Dunn Group, PC. “Each participant should be identified, and how any award will be divided – equal shares or on some other basis – needs to be clearly stated. Photocopies for the pooled tickets need to be made and shared with everyone before the drawing to avoid any disputes over co-mingled funds.”

Mr. Dunn says that the location where the actual pooled tickets are stored must be specified, and don’t let latecomers into the group in second or third rounds. “There have been any number of lawsuits among previous pools, so take care of the basic protections and hopefully everyone wins and everyone’s happy.”

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