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February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. Is it any wonder that this day pops up just three days after St. Valentine’s Day? When we think of random acts of kindness, we usually think of doing something unplanned and spontaneous for someone we don’t know much about, if anything at all. But here’s the point: while Valentine’s Day is great, even the most creative and romantic among us struggle with the expectations that come with delivering the goods on this holiday. The truth is that we can do even more for our relationships by doing something random and kind for our Valentines on a day that isn’t February 14th.

Orsinger, Nelson, Downing & Anderson attorney Jeff Andersonprovides helpful tips that will show your other half that you care. On National Random Acts of Kindness Day, go through the ideas below, pick the ones that are out of character for you – that’s how we get to the “random” part.

  • Leave work a little early, make dinner, have a glass of wine ready, and let her relax.
  • Turn off the TV, sit together and notice things about him. Tell him what you love most about him.
  • Spend 10 minutes texting your spouse a poem (one you make up . . . and it should be about how you feel, not about how cool your new motorcycle is going to be).
  • Remind her every day that she’s the only one for you . . . and mean it.
  • Ask him about his day and really listen to what he says. Make that conversation about him.
  • Call her in the middle of the day  . . . just to hear her voice.
  • Make plans. Plan a trip. Plan a dinner. Plan an adventure. No matter how hard things are, it’s always easier to go through when you get through it together and you have something to look forward to.
  • Write him a love letter while he’s asleep and put it in his car so he’ll be surprised the next morning.
  • Take both of your cell phones, turn them off for an hour and put them in a drawer. Make a show of making her the center of attention.
  • On a Friday afternoon, surprise him with a weekend trip to a little town an hour or two away.
  • Even if the kids are grown and have kids of their own, remind her that she’s still your girlfriend. Those acts are random acts of kindness.


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