Greyhound Sued for Running Over, Killing One of Its Own Passengers

Two Seattle parents have filed suit against Dallas-based Greyhound Lines, Inc., in the death of their 25-year-old son. Paula Becker and Barry Brown are the parents of Hunter Brown, who was killed last June when the Greyhound bus he was riding ran over him. The bus, bound from Seattle to San Francisco had stopped in Central Point, Oregon near the California state line so passengers could get food or use the bathroom. When the bus resumed its trip earlier than expected, Hunter was left behind. As he ran beside the bus, banging on the door and asking the driver to let him on, the bus turned to the right and ran over him.

This death was 100 percent preventable, says Charla Aldous of Aldous \ Walker, who represents Hunter Brown’s parents. Hunter trusted Greyhound and its bus driver to safely transport him from Seattle to San Francisco. That didn’t happen.Our son had a future ahead of him, say Paula Becker and Barry Brown, the parents of Hunter Brown.That future was taken away from him and from us because of the careless actions of the driver and Greyhound.

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