Former US Prosecutor: Threats Against Law Enforcement, DAs Can’t Be Tolerated

One day after a Harris County law enforcement officer was ambushed and shot to death in a Houston suburb, the county’s former district attorney was placed under armed guard. The slain peace officer, Clint Greenwood, had told county officials a week earlier that he felt threatened by a man he had targeted in a corruption investigation while working in the DA’s office. Now officials are concerned about the safety of former DA Devon Anderson, who previously headed the Harris County public integrity unit.

Former U.S. prosecutor Philip Hilder, now a white-collar defense lawyer at Hilder & Associates, P.C., offered this perspective:

In the context of the heavy caseloads and often dangerous people that prosecutors handle, threats to these public servants are relatively rare. But when they do occur, they are treated with the utmost seriousness. Usually, the full weight of law enforcement ensures an aggressive investigation and the prosecution of those responsible. There is no other option. Allowing prosecutors and judges to be intimidated would be the first step to the collapse of our legal system.

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