Former Baylor Title IX Coordinator Patty Crawford Says She Was Set Up to Fail

Patty Crawford, the Baylor Title IX coordinator who recently resigned from the university, says Baylor set her up to fail from the beginning. Ms. Crawford appeared on “CBS This Morning” with her attorney Rogge Dunn of Dallas’ Clouse Dunn LLP to discuss her decision to leave. Ms. Crawford wants to make sure her story is told so the public knows what is really going on at Baylor and women there can receive the protection they deserve, says Mr. Dunn. Ms. Crawford claims Baylor didn’t allow her to fulfill her responsibilities as Title IX coordinator then retaliated against her for fighting discrimination.

I continued to work very hard, and the harder I worked the more resistance I received from senior leadership, Ms. Crawford told CBS. Baylor University hired Ms. Crawford in November 2014 to handle Title IX directives and the university’s sexual discrimination policies, including sexual assault complaints. The university faced multiple lawsuits and accusations of ignoring sexual assault claims. Baylor’s Board of Regents hired Philadelphia law firm Pepper Hamilton to conduct an investigation that led to a scathing report blasting the university for failing to adequately respond to the complaints. In response to the report, university president Ken Starr and head football coach Art Briles were removed, and athletic director Ian McCaw resigned. Pepper Hamilton gave the university more than 100 recommended improvements to its Title IX policies, which the university has adopted as mandates. Patty is justifiably proud of what she was able to accomplish, but also profoundly troubled by what she views as Baylor’s efforts to impede her ability to fully perform her Title IX responsibilities, says Mr. Dunn.

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