Fido. Fido. It’s Off to Work We Go

Every dog has its day, and for many, that day is June 24.
Celebrating the value of companionship and raising awareness of pet adoptions, Friday marks the 17th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Allowing employees to bring non-service dogs to work can be exactly the kind of perk that some employees, especially millennials, might be looking for when considering whether to accept one position over another,” says Dallas employment attorney Elisaveta Dolghih of GODWIN PC. Dogs are proven to relieve stress, can boost employee morale, and depending on the type of the business, can generate favorable publicity and goodwill around the business among its customers.

However, Ms. Dolghih says, before employers temporarily or permanently roll out the proverbial red carpet for employees’ four-legged friends, they should consider the following legal issues:

  • If a company leases office space, does the lease agreement allow pets in the building?
  • Does the company’s insurance policy cover a dog biting a customer or employee on the company premises? If not, do employees need to sign certain documents before being allowed to bring pets?
  • Are any employees allergic to dogs and, if so, what accommodations should be made for such employees?
  • How will a company address situations where a dog becomes loud or causes a work-interrupting distraction?

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