El Paso Walmart Reopens after Mass Shooting, but Retailer’s Responsibility Remains 

Walmart has raced to renovate and reopen the El Paso store that was the site of one of the deadliest mass shootings in the nation. When the doors of the Cielo Vista store open on Nov. 14, just over three months after the attack, many will view the event as an important milestone for a community still recovering from the trauma.

The reopening is important, but it should not give a false sense that recovery for residents is just a matter of a fresh coat of paint, said lawyer Bryan Fears, who represents victims and their families harmed by the mass shooting.

“This should not be viewed as a return to business as usual,” said Mr. Fears, co-founder of Dallas-based Fears Nachawati Law Firm. “It’s critically important that Walmart perform a thorough review of security procedures at all of its stores, especially high-volume stores like the Cielo Vista Walmart where this tragedy occurred. The El Paso store is one of Walmart’s busiest in the nation, yet it reportedly had no armed security on-site when the shooting occurred.”

Fears Nachawati attorney Brice Burris notes that many in the community are still suffering and in real need of assistance.

“El Paso residents deserve to know more about how this happened. Walmart needs to take big steps to reassure everyone that it takes the security of its customers and workforce seriously,” said Mr. Burris. “This community is full of heroes who have stepped up to ensure that El Paso is not defined by this terrible event. Walmart still has a lot of work to do, and its role does not end when the lights come on and the doors reopen.”

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