Eastern District of Texas Blog Receives Makeover

Having appeared as counsel of record in more than 800 cases in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas and having served as the chairman of the Eastern District’s Local Rules Advisory Committee for nine years, few attorneys have the same insights to the East Texas “rocket docket” as Michael Smith of Siebman, Burg, Phillips & Smith, LLP. His legal analysis is the foundation of the recently updated Eastern District of Texas Blog – considered by many as the “go-to” news source for patent litigation work originating from Marshall, Texas.

In addition to the invaluable free content that readers have come to depend upon, the blog now also offers a subscription service that allows readers to dig deeper, providing more detailed analysis of the judges, the cases and the verdicts in the Eastern District. I wanted to provide more substantial analysis to those in the blog’s audience that might want more than just an overview of the Eastern District,” says Mr. Smith. “It involves a personal connection to those that have invested in the content and the blog. For years, the Eastern District of Texas Blog has provided readers a trove of free information, unavailable elsewhere, about case filings and court rulings, as well as insights into courtroom preferences of Eastern District judges and their staff members. The blog has an estimated daily readership of close to 1,000 people.


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