East Texas Woman Brings Federal Class Action Lawsuit Against VRBO’s Travel Insurer

An East Texas woman has filed a proposed class action lawsuit against the company that serves as the VRBO travel website’s exclusive travel insurance provider. The lawsuit alleges that CSA Travel Protection, the American affiliate of Italy-based Assicurazioni Generali Group, has refused to honor its policy and refund more than $3,500 for a canceled booking.

“Unfortunately, we’re seeing too many examples of insurers in the travel and hospitality sector attempting to shirk their responsibilities and failing to honor rightful claims,” said Derek Potts, the attorney for Tralisa Sheridan. “Through a class action against these defendants, we will seek the compensation that thousands of individuals who booked through VRBO and purchased this insurance are due.”

Ms. Sheridan, a resident of White Oak, Texas, made a reservation through VRBO in March 2019 for accommodations in Navarre, Florida, to host multiple family members for her daughter’s destination beach wedding, planned for March of 2020. At the time of the booking, Ms. Sheridan paid $180 for a travel insurance coverage plan from CSA.

One week before the scheduled wedding, Ms. Sheridan notified VRBO and CSA of the need to cancel the booking and provide a refund due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

CSA responded by email 38 days later that the claim was denied. Despite multiple subsequent requests, the insurer has provided no further details or rationale for the denial.

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