Divorce: Letting Go and Moving On

Although often portrayed as the most ruthless of litigators,  the most sought after and successful family law attorneys are laser focused on doing everything necessary to help their clients get through what is often the most emotionally draining experiences in their lives rather than winning “at all costs,” said Dallas attorney Carson Epes Steinbauer.

“The most important thing to reinforce for those clients who truly want to settle amicably and without breaking the bank, is not to place a dog in every fight,” said Ms. Steinbauer, a family law partner at Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton.

“Emotions drive people to litigate, and although it may not seem like it in the heat of the moment, many issues ultimately litigated are actually quite inconsequential in the grand scheme of what is necessary for the client in the end. It is imperative as their advisor to help and encourage them to begin letting some things go in order to steer them past some of the anger. In the long run, it often saves thousands of dollars in fees and months of contentiousness that weren’t worth it in the end.”

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