Dallas Trial Starts Next Week Over Death of Man Run Over by Greyhound Bus

The parents of a young man killed by a Greyhound bus go to court next week in Dallas, seeking to hold the bus company responsible.

Barry Brown and Paula Becker of Seattle have only photos and memories of their son, Hunter Brown. He was a passenger on the bus that made a late-night stop at an Oregon truck stop, where riders were allowed off to use the facilities and buy food. According to the wrongful death lawsuit, Greyhound’s driver did not do a head count of the passengers and began leaving the truck stop before the stated time of departure. While trying to get the Greyhound driver’s attention to board the bus, Mr. Brown was run over and killed.

Dallas lawyer Charla Aldous of Aldous/Walker represents Mr. Brown’s parents in the lawsuit filed in the District Court of Dallas County, where Greyhound is based.

Ms. Aldous said that even after the accident, bus driver Arthur Coley Sr. continued to drive for Greyhound. Ms. Aldous says the bus company didn’t reprimand Mr. Coley until she filed the lawsuit, and then, he was only reprimanded for failing to take a head count of passengers before leaving the bus stop in violation of company policy.

Two years later, Ms. Aldous says Mr. Coley was terminated by the company for smashing the cell phone of a passenger, who was taking a video of him being rude to passengers at a bus terminal.

“It’s just a horrible, horrible situation all the way around,” said Ms. Aldous. “I hope that during this trial the family of Hunter Brown will get some answers and that Greyhound is taught a lesson that this kind of behavior is not tolerated.”

The trial begins Monday, Dec. 2.

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