Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney Says Governor’s Hate-Crime Proposal Furthers Racial Divide

Dallas criminal defense lawyer Nicole Knox, on the proposal by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, to enhance penalties on attacks against police by classifying them as hate crimes:

I have represented a white police officer who was acquitted of civil rights charges, and I have represented African-American citizens who were arrested because of their skin color and acquitted at trial. Racial biases, conscious and unconscious, cloud our judgment and can cause us to question the integrity of an entire race. Anything that furthers the racial divide is a threat to sustaining justice and freedom in America, in Texas, and especially in Dallas. We must learn to focus on solutions that unite instead of divide. While Governor Abbott intends to protect law enforcement with this bill, it will effectively further the racial divide because it protects police officers without protecting citizens from the same hatred. For a solution that unites instead of divides, he should propose broader legislation that protects all citizens against hate crimes or propose no legislation at all.

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