COVID-19 Disputes Create Business Leadership Challenges

As efforts to control the COVID-19 pandemic cause business transactions and commerce to crawl to a halt, business leaders should be working proactively to address potential disputes in order to stay out of the courts and avoid what is likely to be several years of litigation, says business litigator Chris Carrington of Denver-based Richards Carrington.

“This is a once-in-a-generation business leadership challenge. Companies are facing immediate internal and external pressures that demand attention. While addressing these emergencies, business leaders need to be thinking three steps ahead to consider how potential disputes can be addressed in a way that makes business sense.”

Richards Carrington has assembled a multidisciplinary team to serve as a resource and provide guidance for businesses navigating legal issues related to contracts, fraud, financial disputes, employment law, and government investigations and enforcement actions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The current commercial slowdown and disruption in financial markets are likely to result in a wave of litigation rivaling the 2008 global economic collapse, which sparked a mortgage crisis and dramatic increases in finance- and contract-related litigation, restructurings, and fraud claims that churned through state and federal courts for a decade. Mr. Carrington’s experience includes representing the Lehman Brothers estate in ongoing litigation to claw back assets that were lost to fraud during the mortgage crisis.

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