As U.S. Debate Stalls, China, India Taking Global Lead in JUUL E-Cigarette Regulation

While U.S. politicians and regulators bicker over documented health risks of JUUL e-cigarettes and widespread abuse of e-cigarettes by minors, the world’s two largest tobacco markets – China and India – are acting decisively to halt sales of JUUL products in those countries.

Earlier this week, India banned e-cigarettes and imposed criminal statutes for those who buy and sell the products, noting research findings that e-cigarettes serve as “gateway products to induce non-smokers, especially youth and adolescents.”

“These novel products come with attractive appearances and multiple flavors and their use has increased exponentially and has acquired epidemic proportions in developed countries, especially among youth and children,” according to a statement from Indian authorities.

China, meanwhile, halted online sales of JUUL products just days after the devices were introduced to the market. The combined actions by India and China exclude JUUL products from the two top tobacco markets representing a customer base of 400 million users.

In the U.S., JUUL is facing pressure from regulators to address widespread use of e-cigarettes by teens and children, along with an increasing number of reported serious health complications blamed on vaping. Debate has focused narrowly on regulating certain flavors popular with underage users, and guidance on the sale of flavored e-cigarette products is expected in the coming weeks. But those efforts do not go far enough to address the widespread use of JUUL products by young people, said attorney Rick Meadow of The Lanier Law Firm in Houston.

“China, and now India, have taken the bold step to ban e-cigarettes,” said Mr. Meadow, who is part of a Lanier Law Firm trial team representing individuals in litigation against JUUL. “It is about time our government did the same. The health of the next generation must be protected.”

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