Keep it Legal Podcast EP 15 – Clergy Abuse Litigation with Soren Gisleson

In this episode of Keep It Legal, we sat down with Louisiana personal injury attorney Soren Gisleson of Herman Herman Katz to review details surrounding the many sexual abuse claims against the New Orleans Catholic Diocese.

According to the firm, Archbishops Philip Hannan, Francis Schulte, Alfred Hughes and Gregory Aymond knew clergy members were sexually abusing hundreds of child victims over a period of several decades, and they did nothing. The Archdiocese recently filed bankruptcy in an attempt to continue concealing the truth about what happened.

Learn more about Soren Gisleson here.
HHK’s Clergy Abuse practice:


The Guardian articles referenced in the episode are available below:

‘My prayerful support’: how the New Orleans archbishop hid ‘credibly accused’ abusers

New Orleans archbishop ignored board findings on clerics accused of abuse

300 New Orleans priests were reported for sexual abuse– only 25% are on archdiocese’s credibly accused list

New Orleans archdiocese failed to monitor priests accused of sexual abuse

Louisiana court upholds ‘lookback window’ in win for Catholic abuse victims

In a first, New Orleans priest accused of abusing minors admits wrongdoing


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