Sophia Reza

Legal Media Consultant

Sophia spent years working as a broadcast journalist and knows a good story when she sees it. When she’s able to help her clients share those stories with a wider audience, she’s in her element.

A University of Texas at Austin graduate, Sophia spent 14 years as a journalist in Texas and Oklahoma, meeting new people and learning about their lives. Now, she uses that experience to connect her clients with reporters, assist them with communications strategy, message development, interviews, and in general what to expect from the media.

“It’s all about what you say and how you say it.”

The adrenaline rush of putting a story together and making that filing deadline has stayed with Sophia through all these years. These days, she feels it working behind the scenes, connecting clients with local, regional and national media outlets. When she makes those connections, don’t be surprised to hear a loud “YES!!!” from her side of the building.

Did you know?
  • Sophia loves to sing. You can often hear her singing a tune at her desk or participating in karaoke with her husband, Jon.
  • Sophia loves the weather and chasing tornadoes. She blames her experience as a reporter in Oklahoma.

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