Robert Tharp

Director of Public Relations

Robert is well-versed in strategies to help professional services firms stand out in a crowded market. That typically starts with defining business objectives and devising and executing strategic communication plans to achieve those goals.

“It’s rewarding to help clients create a roadmap starting with where they are in the competitive marketplace and then taking them where they want to be. These are exciting times, and changes brought on by the Internet and social media mean that small and midsize organizations can now position themselves right alongside the largest and best-known.”

“Business thrives on personal relationships, and every professional should be taking advantage of the constantly evolving ways to create those relationships.”

Before joining Androvett, Robert worked more than 15 years as a reporter for Texas daily newspapers, where he covered a wide range of topics with a focus on legal affairs. He uses those same reporting tools in his approach to his clients today. His expertise includes data analysis and competitive intelligence, content marketing, ghost writing, media engagement and reputation management.

Did you know?
  • Robert appeared twice on the true-crime TV series “Snapped,” which profiles sensational cases involving women accused of murder.
  • A JFK history nerd, Robert created an iOS app devoted to the vanishing history in Dallas related to the JFK assassination. The app routinely ranks among the AppStore’s Top 100 history apps.

Insights by Robert

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