Mike Androvett

President / CEO

As the founder and CEO of Androvett, Mike Androvett connects people and businesses with their important audiences. He helps them tell their stories and navigate the occasional communications-related crisis. As he puts it, “If I can demystify the process and help a client distinguish themselves or put their best foot forward, I feel I’ve succeeded.”

Mike graduated from the Indiana University School of Law in 1988, and has more than 20 years’ experience as an award-winning journalist. Throughout his career, he’s covered high-profile legal controversies, political campaigns, natural disasters and investigative news. With unique insights into both the worlds of law and journalism, Mike recognized the need many attorneys – and their clients – had for an advocate with first-hand knowledge of how news is covered and reported.

“From the very beginning, the name of the game has always been, ‘what else can we do to help?’”

When he started Androvett in 1995, Mike worked primarily as a legal PR consultant.  Soon, in response to client demand, the areas of assistance the agency provided grew exponentially to encompass everything from advertising, branding, regulatory compliance, marketing, video, digital communications and more. Today, Mike is considered a professional service visionary who’s routinely named to lists of top PR and marketing consultants.

As leader of Androvett, Mike continues to work with businesses and individuals to create, manage and set their communications and marketing objectives and strategies. With his experience, he’s able to help them understand the implications of their messaging, how they’re being perceived by the public, and why strategic communications are so critical to their success.

Did you know?
  • Mike was recently identified among the top 100 global leaders in legal strategy and consulting by Lawdragon Magazine.
  • Mike has visited virtually every major league baseball venue in the United States.

Insights by Mike

How to Handle a PR Crisis

Before we discuss how we handled this situation, let’s talk about some of the elements that come into play when you’re dealing with a crisis.

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