Lindsy Landes

Administrative Specialist

For many, Lindsy is the first person they see when they walk through the door and the first they talk to when they pick up the phone. She provides a level of professionalism and a can-do attitude that communicates to clients both old and new the level of service they can expect from Androvett. Internally, she works with the various departments to ensure the office runs smoothly and efficiently.

“The first step is to have a strong support system in place.”

Lindsy graduated from Baylor University with a degree in International Studies. An Austin transplant, she enjoys spending time visiting museums and art galleries.

Did you know?
  • She’s still working out the particulars, but Lindsy would love to judge an episode of Chopped.
  • Lindsy’s parents had two names picked out: Lindsy for a girl, and Billy Bobby Blackburn for a boy. She’s happy with the way things turned out.

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