Jason Cunningham

Public Relations Manager

Starting in the television news business in Birmingham, Alabama, back in 2001, Jason quickly learned the value of finding a compelling narrative in even the most mundane of stories. “There’s always an angle to view a situation that can draw you in,” he says. “That’s true whether you’re writing a long-form piece or 20 seconds of copy for broadcast.” 

After years of experiencing the in-state rivalry between Alabama and Auburn, Jason decided the safest course of action when it came to his extended family was to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham (the collegiate equivalent of Switzerland), where he graduated with a degree in broadcasting. Since then, he’s worked as a news producer in cities including Miami, Portland and Houston, before moving into corporate communications and public relations.  

“You’re on the right track when you can successfully achieve a compelling glimpse into the obvious.” 

Over the course of his broadcast career, Jason specialized in helping to format and launch sports, talk and news programs. Since leaving broadcast, he has helped develop video strategies and best practices for corporate clients. One thing has remained constant regardless of the industry: a need to tell an interesting story with whatever tools available.  

Did you know?
  • Jason was a working musician, opening for various one-hit wonders in the 1990’s, and is a songwriter of questionable taste.
  • He once got a tattoo on air while working as a reporter.

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