James Bingham

Content Marketing Manager

James was a psychology major and getting deeper into his upper-level classes when he realized that getting a PhD and starting his own practice would be too easy. He wanted a challenge, and that challenge was to make a living as a writer. After a long night staring at his ceiling, he switched his major to English the very next day. More than ten years later, James is glad he made the switch. The hours are better and his rates are much more reasonable.

As Content Marketing Strategist for Androvett, James helps clients talk about themselves. Every business has a message, and they need to get it out in a way that’s thoughtful, interesting, and will make people care about the work they do. James’ job is to help make that happen.

 “Writing can have a big impact on how people look at you.

Aside from a short stint in Germany, James has lived in Texas all his life. He graduated from Texas State University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Creative Writing. He enjoys science fiction and music in odd time signatures.

Did you know?
  • James collects action figures, and while his friends won’t say it to his face, they all think it’s pretty cool.
  • James is a drummer and used to be in a band. They were pioneers in the genre most commonly known as “bad Nickelback.”

Insights by James

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