BeLynn Hollers

Public Relations Manager

Growing up around her father’s construction trailer, BeLynn always wanted to know “why” something was built in a particular order.  That natural curiosity led her to The Dallas Morning News, where she spent two years working as a fellow in the newsroom and editorial board.  

While working with the paper’s Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial board, BeLynn learned from senior writers and editors who taught her to think and write strategically. Her experience on the board brings to her clients invaluable insight and talent for writing compelling stories. BeLynn’s stint as a reporter covering faith and politics also enabled her to work with the paper’s Austin and Washington, D.C.,  bureaus on stories covering major state and federal lawsuits, which taught her strong news judgment skills that benefit clients.  

“Exceptional storytelling has more to do with hearing than speaking.”

BeLynn’s career includes work as a legal intern at a non-profit immigration law firm and as a research associate for a Washington, D.C., legal think tank. She studied political philosophy at the University of Dallas, where she started her media career by accident. BeLynn fell in love with journalism after joining the university’s student-led paper, of which she was an editor. 

Asking questions has been a large part of BeLynn’s development as a person and professional, but it is also the process she applies to her client relationships at Androvett. She believes that listening with the goal of understanding is vital when trying to elevate a voice or story.  

Did you know?
  • BeLynn is a religion nerd. She enjoys learning about different cultures and religious beliefs so much it took her to Jerusalem to write about a delegation between Pakistan and Israel.
  • BeLynn grew up in ballroom dance studios and spends her weekends training and traveling for county dance competitions.

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