Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith

Digital Project Manager

While attending college at Texas Tech University, Ashley knew she wanted to help businesses and the people behind them make an impact through the power of public relations. Little did she know, her career path would change when she discovered digital marketing and the world of opportunity she could open for businesses when combining data with storytelling.

Ashley has worked with a variety of clients ranging from educational institutions to fashion brands. She takes a personal approach with each client knowing that trust and strategy customization are key to developing strong relationships and strong digital marketing strategies. Through careful data analyzation and staying on top of trending tactics, Ashley helps clients connect with their audiences through SEO, PPC, and website development recommendations.

“If we all work together there’s no telling how we can change the world through the impact of promoting positivity online.”

Ashley graduated from her homeland of the Texas Panhandle with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Texas Tech University. Although she’s a West Texas native, Ashley bounced around the world, going from Belgium to Charleston, South Carolina, and to Spain before settling back in her home state in Dallas, Texas.

Did you know?
  • Ashley can speak French from her year spent in Belgium. She would love to practice speaking again, so feel free to quiz her!
  • Although Ashley's family owns and operates a cattle ranch, sadly, she still can not saddle a horse by herself.

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