Andy was born at a PetSmart in Fort Worth, Texas, in 2016. Or 2017. He tends to forget. As a child, he was separated from his friends during a field trip and caught by a scuba diver before being bought by a local dentist’s office. He had some crazy adventures, but, for legal reasons, can’t tell you about any of them.

“It’s all about how you choose to look at life. To me, the bowl has always been half full.”

Andy joined the Androvett team after being gifted during a Christmas in July party. In the time since, he’s become accustomed to living at a slightly slower pace. Swimming in circles. Eating twice a day. It may not be an exciting life, but it’s a happy one.

Did you know?
  • In addition to being the office pet and unofficial Androvett mascot, Andy is Google AdWords Certified and working on his online Master's Degree.

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