Woman Sues Dollar Tree Following Sexual Assault at River Oaks Area Store

‘We got another one:’ complaint alleges three such assaults within four days

HOUSTON – A Houston woman has filed suit against Dollar Tree after she was sexually assaulted at the company’s River Oaks area store last December.

Attorneys at Blizzard Greenberg are suing Dollar Tree for negligence after a shopper was followed and harassed by another customer, who she later discovered ejaculated on her.

“It is shocking and despicable,” said sexual assault lawyer Anna Greenberg. “How was a complete stranger able to violate my client in the middle of a weekday morning? That alone speaks to the fact Dollar Tree is not maintaining a safe environment for the people who shop there.”

The plaintiff, identified as M.R. in the lawsuit, was visiting the Dollar Tree in the River Oaks area with a friend when a man approached her from behind and began saying sexually explicit things to her. Disturbed, the women hurried to check out, paid for a few items and left the store.

According to the lawsuit, as they got into their car, M.R.’s friend pointed out a white, sticky substance on M.R.’s back, which turned out to be semen.

The women preserved the evidence and reported the incident to Dollar Tree and the Houston Police Department. The lawsuit states the store clerk told the women that this was the third such assault in four days, shouting “we got another one” to the manager on duty.

The attorneys allege Dollar Tree creates a dangerous condition by understaffing its stores, which contributes to their longstanding history of theft, robbery and other issues with violent crimes.

“Dollar Tree has a reputation as being an easy target for criminals,” said Ms. Greenberg. “Rather than addressing their staffing issues head-on, the company continues to disregard safety for customers and employees alike.”

Since the assault, M.R. has reported nightmares and high levels of stress and anxiety. She says she is especially fearful around men and finds it difficult to shop anywhere without constantly looking over her shoulder.

The case is M.R. v Dollar Tree Stores, Inc., et al. Cause No. 2024-31829 in Harris County.  

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