New York Post, People Magazine Cover Burns Charest’s Lawsuit Against American Airlines

Burns Charest’s lawsuit against American Airlines received attention from the New York Post, which published an article titled, “Mom Says American Airlines ‘Lost’ Evidence in Son’s In-Flight Death.”

The firm’s client Melissa Arzu, whose 14-year-old son suffered a medical emergency in-flight and later died, is suing the company for negligence and wrongful death after the aircraft’s defibrillator malfunctioned, contributing to his death. The suit includes claims of spoliation against the airline as the device now cannot be found.

Additionally, People magazine featured both Ms. Arzu and Burns Charest attorney Hannah Crowe in the article, “14-Year-Old Boy Died After Mid-Flight Medical Emergency. Mom Alleges Airline Destroyed or ‘Lost’ Evidence.”

“The loss of a child is truly unimaginable, and the facts of this case are horrendous,” Ms. Crowe told People. “Multiple eyewitnesses confirm that American Airlines flight personnel were slow to respond and not able to operate the AED machine, which appeared not to work.”

“I want American Airlines to take full responsibility for Kevin’s death. I never want this to happen to a child or family again,” Ms. Arzu told People.

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