Houston-Area Physical Therapist Hit with Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Lawsuit claims sexual abuse, invasive recording during treatments at Select Physical Therapy 

HOUSTON – A Houston-area woman has filed a lawsuit claiming a physical therapist sexually assaulted her during treatment.  

The lawsuit, brought by Blizzard Law, describes disturbing details in which the victim, identified as R.B., visited Select Physical Therapy in The Woodlands to be treated for a pinched nerve in her neck. She met her physical therapist, William G. Abalos, who instructed R.B. to conduct “grip tests” on a pillowcase. The victim was suspicious of something inside the pillowcase but was face-down on a therapy table at the time.  

Mr. Abalos then took her to a private room where he instructed her to lie face-down on a table and remove her shoes and socks. He began massaging her right foot, instructing R.B. to point and flex her feet and curl her toes. Suddenly, R.B. felt a sticky liquid on her foot, which Mr. Abalos indicated was massage cream. Mr. Abalos offered to clean her foot and completed the session. Once R.B. realized what was happening, she left the facility in a panic. 

The victim filed a report with police who told her multiple women had come forward to report sexual abuse by Mr. Abalos at Select Physical Therapy.  

Detectives discovered that Mr. Abalos also recorded clients on his personal phone without their knowledge. In those recordings, Mr. Abalos exposed himself and intentionally made physical contact with his clients “by placing his sexual organ on their bodies without consent.” 

He was arrested in Montgomery County in January and has since been released on bond. 

“We intend to hold this criminal and his employer accountable for these heinous acts,” said trial lawyer Anna Greenberg. “Management and ownership are obligated to adequately supervise their employees, including making sure male physical therapists are not regularly taking female clients into a private room at inappropriate times.”   

The lawsuit claims negligence, assault and intrusion against Select Physical Therapy and the attacker. The case is R.B. v Select Physical Therapy et al., cause number 2023-29079 in Harris County District Court.  

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