Dallas Strip Club XTC Cabaret Faces Negligence Lawsuit in Murder of Patron

Man convicted 2017 parking lot shooting is still at large

DALLAS – The family of a man shot and killed in the parking lot of the XTC Cabaret in 2017 has filed a lawsuit alleging the Dallas strip club’s failure to provide adequate security resulted in the fatal shooting.

Surveillance video showed 23-year-old Jean Carlo Casiano-Torres sitting in a car outside the Stemmons Freeway club when he was shot by Rene Adrian Carrillo.

Earlier that evening, the victim argued with Mr. Carrillo’s accomplice, Adrian Castilleja, who reportedly flashed a handgun and threatened to kill Mr. Casiano-Torres.

The slaying gained further notoriety during the June 2019 murder trial of Mr. Carrillo, when he apparently cut off his electronic leg monitor the night before the verdict and failed to appear. He was later convicted and sentenced to life in prison, but remains at large.

“If the management and security personnel of XTC had done their job, this tragedy would not have happened,” said Dallas lawyer Micah Dortch of the Potts Law Firm, who represents Wanda Torres Ortiz, the mother of Mr. Casiano-Torres, and his two children in the lawsuit against XTC.

“This is a business known for violent activity and fights, but this business failed to adequately protect an innocent victim,” Mr. Dortch said. “The business operators stood by while a man was killed on their property, and they are liable for his death.”

Since the XTC Cabaret opened in 2009, news reports indicate that several people have been assaulted either at the club or immediately after leaving. In 2010, a cab driver was shot and killed after picking up two passengers who had been involved in a fight inside the club.

XTC Cabaret Inc. and its associated defendants are all Houston-based corporations.

The case is Wanda Torres Ortiz et al v. XTC Cabaret et al, No. CC-19-06211-C, filed in Dallas County District Court.

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