Brasher Law Firm Partner Featured on Houston’s Fox 26 to Provide Expertise and Insight Regarding Insurance Claims

Following a streak of dangerous weather that has devastated property across the state of Texas, Brasher Law Firm partner Nishi Kothari appeared on Fox 26’s “Money Monday” program to discuss insurance claims and denials resulting from severe weather disputes.  

Ms. Kothari shared the options an insured party has while trying to file claims related to weather damage and what to do if a claim is denied or if the party is not compensated appropriately.  

She recommends that homeowners advocate for their claims, by requesting reinspection or getting assistance from public adjusters.  

“After reinspection happens…then at that point if you’re still not getting anything back from your insurance company, or they’re still standing by their original decision, which happens quite a bit, then I would say you could call a lawyer.”  

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