Law Firm & Attorney Public Relations PR Services in Austin, Texas

Public relations allows your firm to control the message of who it is and what it stands for. When you’re celebrating a victory, it lets you tell people why that’s special and important. When you’re addressing a concern, it gives you the platform to provide context Austin residents might not get anywhere else. Several members of our team are former news reporters who can help you talk about yourself when things are going well, and even when they aren’t. 

Some of the services we offer: 

  • Media Relations

    We connect news outlets with legal experts for added context to major stories. Reporters should know who you are. When news happens, we’re often asked to recommend attorneys who can speak about the laws, whether in Austin or across the country. We put you in the spotlight to get you noticed in Austin and beyond. Our experienced team gives you and your clients the platform you need to speak their truth and shed light on the cases you want to shed light on, and dim the light where necessary too.

  • Crisis Communications: At some point, we’ve all watched as the smallest, most inconsequential issues spiraled into something much larger. When that happens, Androvett is there to help manage those situations and put a plan in place that will assure stakeholders matters are being taken care of swiftly and efficiently. Our team has seen much success over the years because we handle all crisis from start to finish by getting ahead of the problem and controlling the message in a way that is accurate and calculated.
  • Media Training: Not only do we help you get the publicity you need with news coverage, but we also prepare you for those moments. Imagine you’re on camera, being asked questions by a less-than-friendly reporter in front of an audience of thousands, or even millions. How would you react? It’s a daunting proposition that can make even the most skilled talking heads blanch. Our staff guides and coaches lawyers on how to work with the press, how to stay focused on your message, and when necessary, how to stay cool under fire.
  • Litigation PR: In the middle of an important case, some lawyers may be inclined to say, “No comment,” and forget that sometimes, talking can be a good strategy. The ability to articulate your case is going to pay dividends both inside and outside the courtroom. Litigation can affect you and your organization in ways you may not expect. Communicating with the press gives you the opportunity to set the narrative. Our team knows when to make that call and can help build a strategy that makes you and the Austin-area happy with what information they’re getting and when and how they get it.  

Austin-Area Law Firm Public Relations 

Everything your Austin-area law firm does that the public sees is considered marketing. Even public relations falls under that umbrella. Whether online or in the physical world, we search out the right opportunities and craft winning strategies that deliver an impact for our clients.  

Legal Public Relations for All of Central Texas

We serve all of central Texas including:

  • Westlake
  • Lakeway
  • Cedar Park
  • Round Rock
  • Dripping Springs
  • Bee Cave
  • Georgetown
  • Central Texas


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