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Using Our Services

Over the years weíve found that clients can use our services most effectively by following a few simple guidelines.

Identify Specific Goals: Carefully consider what you hope to achieve by hiring us. By identifying and verbalizing your objectives, you make it more likely that weíll collectively develop the strategies and tactics that meet your needs and match your expectations.

Define Your Target: Itís important to know the priority audiences you want to reach before selecting among the various marketing opportunities.  Research into the scope and size of a potential client audience, the best sources of referral business and their location is critical to effective marketing and a strategic media plan.

Maintain a Sound Media Plan: Once the primary targets of your advertising message have been identified, determine the best vehicles to reach that target and give the plan a chance to work.  If the audience isnít parallel with the firmís strategy and desired targets, itís likely a waste of money Ė think twice about placing the firmís ad in a football program just because a senior partner is an alumnus.

Recognize That This is a Collaborative Process: A law firm can achieve the greatest value by working closely with our team and providing the necessary follow through. Timely notification of significant victories, an interest in the news of the day, a willingness to offer your expertise and opinions, an open mind to different tactics, and your enthusiasm go a long way in insuring success.

Remember That This is a Long Term Process: Most often, a successful marketing and public relations effort is achieved over the long term.  Weíll want you to consider your total marketing effort, and where our services can best meet your needs.  In some cases your emotional investment is more important than the investment you make in dollars and cents.

Return Our Calls and E-Mails Promptly: Opportunities can present themselves suddenly, especially in dealing with the news media. If we can't reach the right people, you may miss a chance at positive exposure for the firm.  And by the way, you can always expect a prompt response from us.

Understand How the News Media Works: Journalists work on extremely tight deadlines and under increasingly difficult time pressures, with little patience for news sources who are not available when promised.  In a media training session we can make you more aware of the positives, pitfalls and techniques of effectively working with reporters.

Keep the Message Consistent: By keeping your marketing message simple and consistent, your audiences wonít receive mixed signals about who you are and the services you provide.  Donít try to be all things to all people.  Be concise and play on your strengths.

Consider Using News Exposure in Advertising: Positive publicity can be used to provide additional credibility in any advertising you might do.  The messages found in news coverage can often be more impressive than the language typically found in lawyer and law firm advertising.

Use Your News Clippings as Reprints: You were in the paper, but that doesnít mean everyone saw the story.  Even if they did, thereís no reason you canít remind them about your expertise in a specific area.  Make reprints part of the marketing materials you give clients, potential clients and referring colleagues.  Accompanied by a well-crafted letter, reprints can develop into a substantial lead generator.

Leverage the Web: Potential clients and the news media increasingly use the Internet to find attorneys with specific expertise.  A search word-enhanced website that contains examples of positive news coverage and success stories can drive search engine listings and help persuade readers that you or your firm is qualified and experienced in particular areas of the law.

Remember That Frequency is Important: Advertising studies show that readers need to be exposed to a message seven to ten times before being able to recall the name of the advertiser and the content of its message. Firms that purchase the occasional one or two-time ads will not make a lasting impression and likely wonít receive a return on their investment.

Be Visible: An attorneyís visibility is often the key to retaining clients and bringing in new business. Participating in panel discussions, speaking engagements, charitable organizations, seminars and networking events can increase your profile. Advertising can help keep your firm top-of-mind when folks purchase legal services, but there is nothing better than getting out of the office to visit clients and referral sources in person. The stronger the personal relationship, the more effective the firmís advertising.