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Androvett NewsWire: April 17, 2014: Oil Shipping Liability | Drones Grounded | Same-Sex Marriage
Oil by Rail Raises Liability, Safety Issues The U.S. shale boom has produced more oil than existing pipelines can carry. So trains are rushing to carry crude to refineries, which brings its own set of challenges. Safety shortcomings can become horrific disasters such as last year's deadly accident in Quebec where an entire village was devastated by a
Androvett NewsWire: April 4, 2014: Political Contributions | Civil Justice | Increased Speed Limits
Right to Political Contributions is Protected While many Americans advocate limiting the amount of money being infused into the political process, the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission is a reminder that the government's ability to reduce the amount of money in politics is limited by the First Amendment. In the
Androvett NewsWire: March 20, 2014: Malaysia Airlines | Tesla Sales Model | Smokey's Royalties
Malaysia Airlines Families May Turn to Courts Lawsuits are being threatened by the relatives of passengers on the still-missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370. The plane's March 8 disappearance has confounded international investigators while many of the 239 passengers' relatives have remained at a Beijing hotel waiting on answers. Dallas attorney Mark S.
Androvett NewsWire: March 6, 2014: Workplace Bracketology | Dashcam Justice | Offshore Challenges
Workplace March Madness Pools Are a Sure Bet "Selection Sunday" is right around the corner and the NCAA basketball tourney, with its ubiquitous brackets, is about to tip. An estimated 25 percent of employees at U.S. businesses will be wagering large sums of money in March Madness office pools. While some employers worry about lost productivity as workers
Androvett NewsWire: February 20, 2014: Clean Air | Corporate Apologies | Judicial Primaries
Supreme Court to Hear EPA Air Regs Case On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments challenging the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to require air permits for greenhouse gases emitted by large new and modified industrial pollution sources, such as power plants and factories. Industry groups and several states argue that, as written,
Androvett NewsWire: February 6, 2014: Keystone Oil Pipeline | Child Abuse Claims | Credit Card Security
Child Welfare Paramount in Molestation Claims There are few Family Law scenarios more difficult than the accusation of child molestation by one parent against the other. Even more complicated are decades-old accusations, such as those that continue to haunt Woody Allen. "It is difficult to prove a negative, and so we rely on investigations to help uncover
Androvett NewsWire: January 23, 2014: Josh Brent Evidence | Keystone Pipeline | Offshore Oil Rules
Josh Brent DUI Details Valuable for Civil Case The same evidence that helped convict former Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent of intoxication manslaughter in the single-car crash that killed his teammate and best friend Jerry Brown also could be used against the club where Brent was drinking if a civil lawsuit follows, says Fort Worth personal injury lawyer Steven
Androvett NewsWire: January 9, 2014: Online Defamation | Pot Tourism | MLK Competitions
Can Texas Courts Ban Web Falsehoods? After hearing arguments today, the Texas Supreme Court is set to rule whether state courts can order the removal of false and defamatory statements from the Internet, says Houston appellate lawyer Martin J. Siegel, who argued the case for the plaintiff. "A person can damage someone else's reputation in a couple of
Androvett NewsWire: December 19, 2013: Juror Misconduct | Burger Battle | 2013 Legal Wrap-Up
Juror Googling: Avoid Criminalizing It A move in Great Britain to criminalize juror information-gathering outside the courtroom is an overreaction and one we would do best to avoid in the U.S., says white-collar criminal defense attorney and jury analyst Kimberly Priest Johnson of Dallas' Priest Johnson PLLC. Judges routinely admonish jurors to avoid such
Androvett NewsWire: December 5, 2013: Snapchat Landmines | Astroturfing Crackdown | Arbitration Appeals
All Fun and Games Until Somebody Loses a Lawsuit Snapchat, the smartphone app that allows users to send and receive photos that self-delete, is all the rage among teens and others looking to share photos that might not help get them into Harvard. But users who send photos that might be used in litigation need to be aware that they still could be doing
Androvett NewsWire: November 21, 2013: Security | Email Curfew | High School Spirit
Obamacare' Website Security Issues Concerns are growing that the website has security flaws that could put consumers' personal information at risk. In congressional hearings this week, experts said the complexities of the government-run site may create opportunities for identity theft and fraud, and compromise the security and privacy of
Androvett NewsWire: November 7, 2013: Same-Sex Divorce | Legislative Prayer | JFK Dallas App
Texas Supreme Court Takes on Gay Divorce The Supreme Court of Texas waded into the legally gray and culturally sticky area of gay divorce this week. The justices heard oral arguments in two cases involving same-sex couples who had been legally married in other states, but are now seeking divorces in Texas. The cases are the first test of Texas'
Androvett NewsWire: October 24, 2013: Flight Concerns | Legal Fees | Merger Diligence
Amendment's End Could Impact Love Neighborhood The Wright Amendment, the 1980 law that limits non-stop flights from Dallas Love Field, expires on Oct. 13, 2014, opening up the airport to additional flight traffic. While many North Texas residents are looking forward to that day, property owners near Love Field likely aren't as excited. "Southwest Airlines
Androvett NewsWire: October 10, 2013: Shutdown Effect | Child Support Cap | M&A Practices
Shutdown Means Slowdown for New HIPAA Regs A new federal rule enhancing the protection of individuals' health information took effect last month, including stringent compliance and audit programs for health care providers and increased liability for their business associates. While this new HIPAA rule has wide-ranging implications, the government shutdown
Androvett NewsWire: September 26, 2013: Big Tex Returns | Drug Sentencing | Reporters Tip Feds
Big Tex Can't Rely on Kindness of Strangers The importance of properly insuring valuable possessions – even those as iconic as the State Fair of Texas' Big Tex – is a consideration facing all property owners, says Dallas insurance attorney Marc Fanning of Fanning Harper Martinson Brandt & Kutchin, P.C. "Big Tex burst into flames almost a
Androvett NewsWire: September 12, 2013: FCPA Guide | Mexican Energy Changes | Oil & Gas Oversight
Houston Lawyer Writes Reporter's Guide to FCPA Overseas bribery investigations are making big news, from GlaxoSmithKline in China to Wal-Mart in Mexico. These cases center on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), a complex and nuanced set of rules mastered by Houston attorney and corporate ethics expert Tom Fox of Tom Fox Law, who has written a useful
Androvett NewsWire: August 22, 2013: Baby Monitor Hacking | Students Free Speech | Killer Speed
Baby Monitor Hacking Case 'Betrayal of Trust' Disturbing questions are being raised about the security of Internet-based consumer electronics after reports that a man hacked into a Houston family's baby monitor and spewed vulgarities at a sleeping 2-year-old girl. Houston-area personal injury lawyer Scott Callahan of the Law Office of Scott P. Callahan,
Androvett NewsWire: August 8, 2013: Kountze Cheerleaders | Drunk Driving | EA Sports Fray
Kountze Ruling Lacks Clarification A ruling issued this past spring may have cleared the way for Kountze ISD cheerleaders to display Bible-based messages on banners during the upcoming football season, but key legal points related to the case are still to be decided. Just weeks before the scheduled start of trial, Judge Steve Thomas ruled in a May 8
Androvett NewsWire: July 25, 2013: Rowling Secrets | DOMA Taxes | Bribery Code
Rowling Lawyers Need No Leakus Secretus Charm Worldwide headlines recently announced the revelation that "The Cuckoo's Calling," the debut novel from author "Robert Galbraith," actually was written by Harry Potter scribe J.K. Rowling. The fact that the culprit in letting the word out was a partner at the London law firm Russells, which represents Rowling,
Androvett NewsWire: July 11, 2013: Gandolfini Mistakes | Workplace Heat | No Kill Shelters
'Sopranos' Star Leaves Estate Tax Mess The untimely passing of "Sopranos" star James Gandolfini has been accompanied by the surprising news that the acclaimed actor's will might allow nearly half of his $70 million estate to go to the government. That unfortunate scenario may have been avoided, according to Dallas estate attorney Kevin Spencer of Spencer