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Androvett NewsWire: August 20, 2015: Skyrocketing Spieth | Clinton Emails | Chemical Explosion
Spieth's Lucrative New Ranking Corporations worldwide are lining up to sign endorsement deals with the new No.1 golfer in the world, Dallas native Jordan Spieth. And as happens with top players in other sports, the value of Spieth's endorsement contracts may readily exceed the young Texan's actual winnings on the PGA Tour. "Corporations such as AT&T
Androvett NewsWire: August 6, 2015: Workplace Heat | Recording Medical Care | Firm Adds Expertise
Workers Shouldn't Have to Sweat Texas Heat With Texas temperatures now hitting 100 degrees almost daily, employers should pay special attention to their workers' well-being in order to prevent heat-related illnesses. "Employers have a general duty to provide a workplace free of known harms, and this includes the effects of summertime heat," says employment
Androvett NewsWire: July 23, 2015: Etsy Counterfeiting | Student Loan Discharge | Oil Patent Fight
Pay Heed to Etsy Counterfeiting Controversy The prospects for the popular peer-to-peer website Etsy have been in question since an analyst report issued earlier this year claimed that the company was offering millions of products that potentially were counterfeit or violated trademark and copyright laws. With its stock price taking a deep dive following
Androvett NewsWire: July 9, 2015: Astros Hack | Airline Price-Fixing | Digital Assets
Astros Hack: Is Lawsuit or Prison in the Cards? The baseball world has been buzzing about the federal investigation into whether St. Louis Cardinals employees illegally gained access to a Houston Astros’ database containing proprietary information on players. Last week, the Cardinals fired the team’s scouting director, although he denies
Androvett NewsWire: June 30, 2015: SCOTUS 2015 In Review
SCOTUS as Pop Culture Spectator Sport “Through the end of the 20th century, U.S. Supreme Court decisions were seldom topics of conversation for most Americans,” says Dallas appellate attorney Chad Ruback. “Outside of political and legal circles, the entire decades of the 60s,80s and even the 90s seemed to pass without a Supreme Court case
Androvett NewsWire: June 18, 2015: Workplace Weather Policies | Health Care Data Vulnerability | Distressed Energy Assets
Reining In Bad Weather Policies The record rainfall and resulting floods that have plagued Texas and surrounding states in recent weeks should prompt business owners and managers to consider their bad weather policies and practices. “Employers may show a bit of a double standard if they focus on the hazards of driving to work in snow or ice, but
Androvett NewsWire: June 4, 2015: Waco Biker Arrests | Political Crowdfunding | FIFA FCPA Concerns
Civil Rights Questions Follow Mass Biker Arrests More than two weeks after the deadly biker gang-related shooting at a Waco restaurant, a majority of the 177 people arrested remain in jail with bail set at $1 million. Dallas criminal defense attorney John Teakell of The Law Offices of John R. Teakell notes that police, prosecutors and judges are bound by
Androvett NewsWire: May 14, 2015: Train Derailment | Energy Investment | Nail Salon Safety
Speed Control Remains Engineer’s Responsibility As the investigation proceeds into Tuesday night’s Amtrak train derailment in Philadelphia, the question on everybody’s mind is whether the disaster was caused by human error, an equipment malfunction or other unknown factors. Federal investigators say the train was travelling more than 100
Androvett NewsWire: April 30, 2015: Chips Replacing Strips | Music’s Trademark Focus | No Downturn Defense
The End of Credit Card Swiping Nears During the next six months, many U.S. retailers are expected to shift from magnetic stripe credit card transactions to the more secure “chip & pin” technology commonly used in other countries. Consumers will insert upgraded cards into a slot where the terminal will read a microchip, not a magnetic
Androvett NewsWire: April 16, 2015: Big Rig Dangers | Same-Sex Divorce | Seat Belt Responsibility
Recent Crashes Highlight Big Rig Dangers In just over 48 hours this week, North Texas roads saw two massive 18-wheeler collisions that illustrate the oversized dangers posed by commercial trucks. In the first disaster, early Sunday morning in Fort Worth, an 18-wheeler slammed into a previous wreck, killing five and injuring 12 others. In the second wreck,
Androvett NewsWire: April 2, 2015: Airline Responsibility | Fracking Regulations | Same-Sex Debate
Lufthansa’s Admission Could Be Costly Now that Lufthansa has revealed it was notified that Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz suffered a “serious depressive episode” several years ago, the prospect of the company facing astronomical damages for last week’s air disaster in the French Alps has risen significantly, says aviation
Androvett NewsWire: March 19, 2015: Oil Industry Financing | Paying College Athletes | Health Care Arbitration
Financing Options Exist in Oil Downturn Amid the oil price downturn, many producers are looking for cash. However, many banks and other lending sources are paring back lending since no one knows for sure when or if prices will turn around. “There are alternatives to traditional reserve-based lending,” says Houston attorney Travis McCullough of
Androvett NewsWire: March 5, 2015: Crude-By-Rail | Goodyear Bribery | Top Plaintiffs’ Firm
Feds, Industry Struggle with Oil Train Safety Safety concerns about trains carrying crude oil are leading to tougher regulations. The latest accident occurred Feb. 16 in West Virginia when a train containing highly volatile Bakken shale oil derailed and exploded, destroying a house and forcing water treatment plants to shut down. The Houston Chronicle
Androvett NewsWire: February 19, 2015: Energy Layoffs | Drone Insurance | Social Media Heirs
Severing Ties During the Energy Slump With oil prices leveling out at near historic lows, many energy-related companies are facing workforce reductions and reorganizations to stay afloat. The downturn may result in the loss of more than 140,000 jobs in Texas alone, with the resulting potential for claims of wrongful termination from employees who are let
Androvett NewsWire: February 5, 2015: Vaccination Mandates | PGA Caddies Sue | Energy Downturn Upside
Can Workers Be Required to Vaccinate? As measles cases spread across the U.S., concerned employers face a patchwork of federal and state laws that can put them at legal risk if they require workers to be vaccinated. Lacking clear guidance from regulators, employers are wise to tread lightly, even if only asking workers whether they or their family members
Androvett NewsWire: January 22, 2015: Energy Loans | Employee Wellness | Anti-Terrorism Litigation
Mortgage Loans No Rescue for Energy Lenders Mortgage rates have been falling dramatically, leading to a surge in home loan applications and new business for many banks. That seems like a hopeful sign to banks in oil states such as Texas, providing a new income stream at a time when many are queasy over energy-related loans. Unfortunately, it’s not
Androvett NewsWire: January 8, 2015: Earthquake Insurance | Energy Projections | Tax Credit Discrimination
No Quake Coverage in Standard Homeowners Policy With 11 earthquakes in less than 24 hours emanating from Irving earlier this week, area homeowners are wondering whether the related damage to their homes and property is covered by their homeowners insurance. Unfortunately for residents with growing cracks in their homes, it isn’t, says Tarron
Androvett NewsWire: December 18, 2014: Sony Data Breach | Energy Reforms | Medical iPhone Privacy
Liability Among Sony's Data Breach Problems The computer attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment that released vast troves of employee information, passwords, snarky comments, and business negotiations raises a host of legal issues. “A lot of questions have been raised as to whether such an attack would fall under some of the standard exclusions that
Androvett NewsWire: December 4, 2014: Holiday Party Survival | Trademark Confusion | Marketing for 2015
Holiday Party Etiquette for Workers, Employers With the holiday season upon us, employers and workers alike should take heed of the legal perils and career-derailing possibilities that come with excessive merrymaking at the holiday office party. A little planning and communication can prevent potential pitfalls, says employment lawyer Audrey Mross of
Androvett NewsWire: November 20, 2014: Keystone Prospects | Drone Regulation | Patent Reforms
Keystone Veto Would Mean Oil by Rail, Ship GOP leaders promise there will be another vote on the TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline next year when Republicans have the Senate majority. But they likely won’t have enough votes to override a possible presidential veto. “Whatever the final decision, it’s unlikely Canada’s tar sands