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Androvett NewsWire: March 17, 2016: Executive Spending | Visitation Deadline | Corruption Culture
Lavish Exec Spending Roils Veterans Charity Most people probably have seen the Wounded Warrior Project’s powerful TV commercials featuring severely wounded veterans and the struggles their families face when they return home. Last week, the top two executives of the large veterans charity were fired amid a spending scandal that reportedly included
Androvett NewsWire: March,3,2016: Mass Deportations | Media Defamation | Tech Honor
Mass Deportations Not Without Consequences The increasing anti-immigrant stance shared by several current political candidates might be touching a nerve with some, but the sudden removal of a large number of immigrants from the workforce could have a profound impact on such occupational areas as home health care. “Most licensed professionals,
Androvett NewsWire: February 18, 2016: Privacy-Security Balance | Asbestos Dangers Remain | Trade Secret Risk
iPhone Ruling Raises Concerns Alarms are being raised among many smartphone and cell phone users following this week’s federal court ruling that Apple Inc. must help the FBI break into an encrypted cellphone used by one of the terrorists in the recent shootings in San Bernardino, California. But finding the balance between individual privacy rights
Androvett NewsWire: February 4, 2016: Apple Infringement Verdict | Foreign Banking, Investments | Toxic Stew
Dallas Firm Wins $625.6M Verdict Against Apple Attorneys with the Dallas law firm Caldwell Cassady & Curry, PC yesterday won a $625.6 million verdict in favor of Nevada-based VirnetX Holding Corp. in a patent infringement lawsuit against technology giant Apple Inc., marking the second time a federal jury has found Apple liable for infringing
Androvett NewsWire: June 30, 2015: SCOTUS 2015 In Review
SCOTUS as Pop Culture Spectator Sport “Through the end of the 20th century, U.S. Supreme Court decisions were seldom topics of conversation for most Americans,” says Dallas appellate attorney Chad Ruback. “Outside of political and legal circles, the entire decades of the 60s,80s and even the 90s seemed to pass without a Supreme Court case
Androvett NewsWire: April 30, 2015: Chips Replacing Strips | Musicís Trademark Focus | No Downturn Defense
The End of Credit Card Swiping Nears During the next six months, many U.S. retailers are expected to shift from magnetic stripe credit card transactions to the more secure “chip & pin” technology commonly used in other countries. Consumers will insert upgraded cards into a slot where the terminal will read a microchip, not a magnetic
Androvett NewsWire: April 2, 2015: Airline Responsibility | Fracking Regulations | Same-Sex Debate
Lufthansa’s Admission Could Be Costly Now that Lufthansa has revealed it was notified that Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz suffered a “serious depressive episode” several years ago, the prospect of the company facing astronomical damages for last week’s air disaster in the French Alps has risen significantly, says aviation
Androvett NewsWire: March 19, 2015: Oil Industry Financing | Paying College Athletes | Health Care Arbitration
Financing Options Exist in Oil Downturn Amid the oil price downturn, many producers are looking for cash. However, many banks and other lending sources are paring back lending since no one knows for sure when or if prices will turn around. “There are alternatives to traditional reserve-based lending,” says Houston attorney Travis McCullough of
Androvett NewsWire: January 8, 2015: Earthquake Insurance | Energy Projections | Tax Credit Discrimination
No Quake Coverage in Standard Homeowners Policy With 11 earthquakes in less than 24 hours emanating from Irving earlier this week, area homeowners are wondering whether the related damage to their homes and property is covered by their homeowners insurance. Unfortunately for residents with growing cracks in their homes, it isn’t, says Tarron
Androvett NewsWire: December 18, 2014: Sony Data Breach | Energy Reforms | Medical iPhone Privacy
Liability Among Sony's Data Breach Problems The computer attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment that released vast troves of employee information, passwords, snarky comments, and business negotiations raises a host of legal issues. “A lot of questions have been raised as to whether such an attack would fall under some of the standard exclusions that