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Androvett NewsWire: March 17, 2016: Executive Spending | Visitation Deadline | Corruption Culture
Lavish Exec Spending Roils Veterans Charity Most people probably have seen the Wounded Warrior Project’s powerful TV commercials featuring severely wounded veterans and the struggles their families face when they return home. Last week, the top two executives of the large veterans charity were fired amid a spending scandal that reportedly included
Androvett NewsWire: March,3,2016: Mass Deportations | Media Defamation | Tech Honor
Mass Deportations Not Without Consequences The increasing anti-immigrant stance shared by several current political candidates might be touching a nerve with some, but the sudden removal of a large number of immigrants from the workforce could have a profound impact on such occupational areas as home health care. “Most licensed professionals,
Androvett NewsWire: February 18, 2016: Privacy-Security Balance | Asbestos Dangers Remain | Trade Secret Risk
iPhone Ruling Raises Concerns Alarms are being raised among many smartphone and cell phone users following this week’s federal court ruling that Apple Inc. must help the FBI break into an encrypted cellphone used by one of the terrorists in the recent shootings in San Bernardino, California. But finding the balance between individual privacy rights
Androvett NewsWire: February 4, 2016: Apple Infringement Verdict | Foreign Banking, Investments | Toxic Stew
Dallas Firm Wins $625.6M Verdict Against Apple Attorneys with the Dallas law firm Caldwell Cassady & Curry, PC yesterday won a $625.6 million verdict in favor of Nevada-based VirnetX Holding Corp. in a patent infringement lawsuit against technology giant Apple Inc., marking the second time a federal jury has found Apple liable for infringing
Androvett NewsWire: January 21, 2016: Political Discrimination | Cyber Weaknesses | Rose•Walker Addition
In Discrimination Is Perception Reality? The question at the heart of U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments heard this week in Heffernan v. City of Paterson is whether a city government can legally discriminate or retaliate against an employee based on a mistaken perception. In Paterson, New Jersey, the mayor, who was running for re-election, demoted a police
Androvett NewsWire: January 7, 2016: Commodity Turbulence | Auto Dealership Mergers | Cosby Deposition
Oil Volatility Spurs Commodity Deal Disputes The oil price collapse has sparked an increase in disputes over failed commodity deals, and now new turmoil in the Middle East may lead to further volatility. David Baay, an energy litigator in the Houston office of Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP, says a buyer and seller may reach pre-contract agreement on
Androvett NewsWire: December 18, 2015: Interest Rate Impact | Truck Driver eLogs | Top Legal Headlines
Interest Rate Hike's Profound Impact on Energy Some are lauding the short-term interest rate hike announced yesterday by the Federal Reserve as a vote of confidence for the U.S. economy, but the higher rates could bring significant repercussions for the already-shaky energy industry. "While this move will likely strengthen the dollar, that may be a cause
Androvett NewsWire: December 3, 2015: Restructuring Risks | Cyber Liability | Trade Secret Theft
Energy Firm Owners at Risk in Restructurings The sinking oil price isn’t just putting over-leveraged companies at risk. It’s also threatening individual investors and managers who own equity in energy firms that are organized as partnerships or LLCs, including master limited partnerships. These entities and their owners benefit from
Androvett NewsWire: November 12, 2015: Religious Objections | Oilfield Dangers | Pandora’s DNA Box
Religious Objections May Give Zubik Advantage U.S. Supreme Court precedent suggests that those who are challenging the Affordable Care Act on religious grounds might have the upper hand, says Dallas appellate attorney Chad Ruback. The high court recently agreed to review Zubik v. Burwell, which asks whether religiously affiliated organizations such as
Androvett NewsWire: October 29, 2015: Halloween Hazards | VA Overtime Claims | Firm Adds Expertise
Homeowners Beware: Remove Halloween Hazards Halloween has become one of the most popular annual holidays, with homeowners decking the halls in pumpkins, skeletons and hay bales every bit as enthusiastically as they festoon their homes in garland, lights and holly in December. With so many nighttime visitors traipsing around their properties, however,
Androvett NewsWire: October 15, 2015: Gun Insurance | Data Privacy | West Explosion
Gun Insurance Laws Would Have Limited Effect Requiring gun buyers to get insurance is one of several ideas drawing renewed interest in the aftermath of the Oct. 1 mass shooting in Roseburg, Oregon. Insurance attorney Mark Kincaid of George Brothers Kincaid & Horton LLP in Austin says such a requirement might help stop some shootings, but not many.
Androvett NewsWire: October 1, 2015: Massage Injury | Cuban Trade | VW Scandal
Dallas Woman Blames Brutal Massage for Stroke A Dallas woman is suing the national chain Massage Envy and one of the company's therapists after she was left permanently disabled following a brutal deep-tissue massage that she says caused her to suffer a dissection of her carotid artery and a stroke. "The doctors kept asking if I had been in a car accident
Androvett NewsWire: September 17, 2015: Blue Bell | Stadium Injuries | Gas Contract Verdict
Assessing Blue Bell Creameries' Legal Blues As Blue Bell ice cream makes a gradual return to store shelves, the beloved brand still has a long way to go in rebuilding public trust and overcoming a series of wrongful death claims and proposed class-action lawsuits. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Blue Bell Creameries' products
Androvett NewsWire: August 3, 2015: Game of War | Chesapeake Royalties | Blue Bell
‘Game of War’ Case Exposes Vulnerability The trade secret theft charge against a former executive at Machine Zone Inc., maker of the popular ‘Game of War’ video game, illustrates how sometimes the most potent cybersecurity threat can be homegrown. The former exec, Jing Zeng, was arrested after returning to San Francisco from China.
Androvett NewsWire: August 20, 2015: Skyrocketing Spieth | Clinton Emails | Chemical Explosion
Spieth's Lucrative New Ranking Corporations worldwide are lining up to sign endorsement deals with the new No.1 golfer in the world, Dallas native Jordan Spieth. And as happens with top players in other sports, the value of Spieth's endorsement contracts may readily exceed the young Texan's actual winnings on the PGA Tour. "Corporations such as AT&T
Androvett NewsWire: August 6, 2015: Workplace Heat | Recording Medical Care | Firm Adds Expertise
Workers Shouldn't Have to Sweat Texas Heat With Texas temperatures now hitting 100 degrees almost daily, employers should pay special attention to their workers' well-being in order to prevent heat-related illnesses. "Employers have a general duty to provide a workplace free of known harms, and this includes the effects of summertime heat," says employment
Androvett NewsWire: July 23, 2015: Etsy Counterfeiting | Student Loan Discharge | Oil Patent Fight
Pay Heed to Etsy Counterfeiting Controversy The prospects for the popular peer-to-peer website Etsy have been in question since an analyst report issued earlier this year claimed that the company was offering millions of products that potentially were counterfeit or violated trademark and copyright laws. With its stock price taking a deep dive following
Androvett NewsWire: July 9, 2015: Astros Hack | Airline Price-Fixing | Digital Assets
Astros Hack: Is Lawsuit or Prison in the Cards? The baseball world has been buzzing about the federal investigation into whether St. Louis Cardinals employees illegally gained access to a Houston Astros’ database containing proprietary information on players. Last week, the Cardinals fired the team’s scouting director, although he denies
Androvett NewsWire: June 30, 2015: SCOTUS 2015 In Review
SCOTUS as Pop Culture Spectator Sport “Through the end of the 20th century, U.S. Supreme Court decisions were seldom topics of conversation for most Americans,” says Dallas appellate attorney Chad Ruback. “Outside of political and legal circles, the entire decades of the 60s,80s and even the 90s seemed to pass without a Supreme Court case
Androvett NewsWire: June 18, 2015: Workplace Weather Policies | Health Care Data Vulnerability | Distressed Energy Assets
Reining In Bad Weather Policies The record rainfall and resulting floods that have plagued Texas and surrounding states in recent weeks should prompt business owners and managers to consider their bad weather policies and practices. “Employers may show a bit of a double standard if they focus on the hazards of driving to work in snow or ice, but