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Forensic Accountant Larry Kanter says Flyers Increasingly Fed Up With AMR Labor Dispute
October 16, 2012 7:59 am

Once-loyal American Airlines passengers have been enduring tedious delays on the tarmac and mass flight cancellations blamed on parent company AMR's bitter relationship with pilots during its contentious bankruptcy. While AMR's bankruptcy endgame is to emerge leaner and more profitable, passengers' negative experiences in the meantime have the potential to cause a lasting impact on American Airlines' bottom line, says forensic accountant Larry Kanter of Dallas-based Kanter Financial Forensics. "Passenger loyalty - particularly among the valuable business traveler base - is hard-earned and difficult to regain when lost," says Kanter, who has experience computing damages models for businesses, including airlines. For more information, contact Robert Tharp at 800-559-4534 or

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