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Gardere Austin Attorney Juan M. Alcala says Uncertainty Remains Over Arbitrator Disclosure
October 8, 2012 7:24 am

As the legal universe becomes increasingly smaller, it is not uncommon for attorneys, judges and arbitrators to cross paths during the course of their careers. Not all the meetings are memorable though and are frequently forgotten, but should it preclude arbitrators from hearing a case involving someone they may have once known or with whom they unknowingly shared business interests? Recently revised United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) rules on disclosure tried to provide some clarity, but Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP partner Juan M. Alcalá of Austin says, "With respect to an arbitrator's disclosure standards, there remains uncertainty as to what constitutes a circumstance worthy of disclosure. The uncertainty will continue until there is a uniform standard and rules for determining an arbitrator's disclosure responsibilities." Alcalá co-wrote the chapter "Arbitrator Disclosure Standards in a State of Flux" in the International Centre for Dispute Resolution book, "ICDR Awards and Commentaries." For more information, contact Rhonda Reddick at 800-559-4534 or

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