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Dallas Insurance Attorney Marc Fanning Offers Strategies for Battling Insurance Fraud
February 21, 2012 10:38 am

DALLAS – Noted insurance attorney Marc H. Fanning of Dallas will discuss the latest tips and strategies for identifying and preventing insurance fraud during a presentation scheduled for later this month at the 14th annual Texas Department of Insurance Fraud Conference.

Mr. Fanning will address insurance company executives, investigators, and local, state and federal law enforcement officials at the TDI Fraud Conference, scheduled for February 28-29, 2012, at the Commons Conference center on the University of Texas J. J. Pickle Research Campus in Austin.

Mr. Fanning, Chairman of the Dallas law firm Fanning Harper Martinson Brandt & Kutchin, will present “Examinations Under Oath” during the conference’s second day.

Examinations under oath (EUO) represent an important tool for insurance companies in first-party claims involving fires and thefts. Most insurance policies permit EUOs, which allow carriers to fully investigate the claim, answer unresolved questions, and pursue elements of potential fraud.

Mr. Fanning will address several aspects of the EUO process, including offering advice for conducting an effective EUO and the proper timing of an examination. He also will discuss several red flags that should alert investigators to possible fraud, such as a policyholder’s prior claims history, inconsistent statements, losses shortly after a policy was issued, or missing or altered receipts and documentation.

“Insurance fraud is an unfortunate reality that the industry must learn to combat, especially as tough economic times lead to more claims,” says Mr. Fanning. “We have handled many cases where attempted fraud was uncovered and averted through examinations under oath. It is my hope that presentations such as this will help others to detect and prevent future fraud.”

The annual TDI Fraud Conference brings together insurance company investigators and law enforcement to learn about new investigative techniques, fraud scams and changes in laws affecting the insurance industry.

Celebrating 50 years of service, Fanning Harper Martinson Brandt & Kutchin, P.C. is a Dallas-based law firm serving clients inside and outside the insurance industry, with legal expertise in areas including contract disputes, labor and employment, governmental entities, construction, business and commercial disputes, professional liability, premises liability, motor vehicle and trucking accidents, products liability, toxic tort, school issues, appellate law, arbitration, and estate planning. More information on the firm is available at

For more information on Mr. Fanning’s presentation, please contact Mark Annick at 800-559-4534 or

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