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Dallas Attorney Steven Camp says Don't Gamble With Your Ticket Purchases
October 14, 2011 1:30 pm

The baseball faithful wanting to watch the Rangers try to close out the Tigers or gamble that the World Series will indeed be coming to Arlington may be scrambling today for game tickets. If you are among those hoping to score last-minute tickets, Dallas attorney Steven Camp of Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP cautions against buying from someone on the street. "The key is to buy from a respectable ticket broker with established, understandable purchase policies," he says. "Brokers tend to be more credible and, if there is a problem, you can dispute the charge with your credit card company. It's always tempting, but you shouldn't buy from anyone you don't personally know or who isn't a recognized broker. But if you do, do not give out your credit or debit card information or you could be paying for that mistake for years." For more information, contact Rhonda Reddick at 800-559-4534 or

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