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Androvett NewsWire: September 13, 2012: Police Response | Hedge Fund Suit Dismissed | Mexican Investment
September 13, 2012 11:09 am

Shooting of Suicidal Teen Headed to High Court
Late this month, the U.S. Supreme court is likely to pick a few more cases to hear this term, and among them is the sad story of a suicidal teen from Garland, Texas, who was killed in his bedroom by a police officer in 2009. "Federal appellate courts around the country have disagreed on exactly what circumstances to consider and which justifications are allowed when police shoot mentally ill or emotionally disturbed people who need help. That makes Ruddy Elizondo's tragic case an important one for the Court to consider," says Houston appellate lawyer Martin Siegel, who filed the petition with the high court on behalf of the fallen teen's family. "Major civil rights groups and mental health and disability organizations have also asked the court to hear the case." For more information, contact Mary Flood at 800-559-4534 or

Texas Attorneys Win Dismissal in Hedge Fund Suit
Attorneys from Dallas' Sayles Werbner yesterday convinced a New Jersey superior court to dismiss a multibillion-dollar lawsuit filed against New York-based hedge fund Exis Capital Management Inc. and others. Toronto-based Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. had requested billions of dollars in damages after alleging that Exis Capital and other hedge funds conspired with financial analysts and researchers to organize a "bear raid" by allegedly spreading false rumors and driving down Fairfax' stock price. "This lawsuit was nothing more than an attempt by Fairfax to silence its critics, and we're thankful the court decided to end the company's meritless claim," says attorney Mark Werbner, who represented Exis Capital along with fellow Sayles Werbner co-founder Richard A. "Dick" Sayles. The closely watched lawsuit, which had been pending since 2006, ended yesterday before the start of what was expected to be a six-week trial. For more information, contact Bruce Vincent at 800-559-4534 or

Mexico Eyes Foreign Energy Investment
Incoming President of Mexico Enrique Peņa Nieto has ambitious plans to open the nation's energy sector to greater foreign investment in the offshore oilfields in the Gulf and untapped shale reserves along the U.S. border. "The nation needs the outside capital and the technology to truly take advantage of its holdings, or risk becoming a net importer of crude within a decade," says Gabriel Ruiz in the Monterrey office of Thompson & Knight. Ruiz recently served as lead attorney to domestic and foreign companies in securing two integrated service contracts in Northern Mexico with the state-owned oil company Pemex. "There are signs that Pemex recognizes the need for greater flexibility and commitment to collaboration in its contracting, but there's a delicate balance that still needs to be maintained between the financial risk to investors, the pricing caps imposed by Pemex, and the political realities facing new government leadership." For more information, contact Barry Pound at 800-559-4534 or

Concerns Grow Over South China Sea Reserves
Offshore energy reserves in the South China Sea are projected to hold up to 3.79 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 213 billion barrels of oil, and tensions are escalating as several Asian nations continue to argue over territorial claims to those holdings. "There is a fear that exploration and production will be delayed as countries seek to unilaterally develop jointly claimed territorial areas," says Andrew Derman of the Dallas office of Thompson & Knight. Next month, Derman will serve as chairman of an economic summit in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, focusing on the dispute. Representatives of more than 50 countries are expected to attend. "Through cooperative agreements, countries can agree to disagree over the delimitation of their borders, while developing oil and gas reserves for the benefit of their people. Our goal is to generate meaningful and productive dialogue and support peaceful resolutions for the entire region." For more information, contact Barry Pound at 800-559-4534 or


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