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Dallas Attorney Chris Gober says Voter ID Law Likely Headed to Washington
July 27, 2012 4:01 pm

During the trial over its voter identification legislation, which requires citizens to show a valid photo ID to vote, the State of Texas repeatedly undercut the Department of Justice's claims. However, the state may not have done enough to meet its high burden of proof under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, according to political legal consultant and Dallas attorney Chris Gober of Gober Hilgers PLLC. "In one instance, the State of Texas forced Democratic State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer to admit on the witness stand that he had previously made false claims that his mother did not possess a valid photo ID. But even that type of testimony does little to help the state prove its case," says Gober. "This could end in a U.S. Supreme Court showdown that ultimately decides the fate of the Voting Rights Act." For more information, contact Rhonda Reddick at 800-559-4534 or

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